July 23, 2018 1 min read

The way we watch TV has changed dramatically in recent years and these changes are equally applicable to TV viewing in a caravan.

Technological breakthroughs like satellite broadcasting, Free-view and digital hard drive recording mean caravanners can watch virtually the same television programmes with the same quality of picture and sound that they get at home.

Now the experience can go one step further… TV Hang-It’s has a mission to make TV portable again, this is now possible through their easy to portable TV Mount, allowing the TV experience to be brought outside. The TV Hang-It’s, which costs less than a TV enclosure, allows you to bring your TV wherever you choose, whether this is inside or outdoors.

Simply attach the TV Hang-It's to the back of your TV and then hang your TV up anywhere... whether this is hanging on the caravan, on the back of a chair or hung up on the window!  

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